Unique Series UH35/UH50

The UNIQUE series thermal imaging monocular is a thermal imaging handheld product integrating thermal observation, photographing and video recording, Wi-Fi connection, etc. This enormously facilitates the target search. Adopting the principle of thermal imaging, it does not need external light sources and is not affected by strong light. You can use it to observe objects hidden behind such obstacles as branches, tall grass, and shrubs, regardless of the night or the day with harsh weather (such as rain, snow, fog, and haze). It can be widely applied in night hunting, observation, geographical positioning, searching, and rescuing operations. 

InfiRay Outdoor

Full-screen high-definition AMOLED display

The UNIQUE series is designed with a built-in 0.4-inch full-color HD display, up to 1440×1080 in resolution. Coupled with the ×20 eyepiece, it presents a clearer and more comfortable vision to greatly improve the human eye observation experience. Up to ×4 basic visual magnification plus ×4 electronic amplification enhances significantly the observation experience.

12µm Sensor with NETD ≤25mK

UNIQUE is equipped with an uncooled vox 12um 640×512 high-resolution sensor featuring NETD ≤25mK. With the powerful sensor and image algorithm, better image quality is provided.

2600m Detection Range

With an advanced imaging sensor and lensthe detection range of a 1.7m target can reach up to 2600m.

Ultra-long battery endurance

Ultra-low power consumption design, paired with a replaceable 4400mAh high-capacity lithium-ion battery pack, ensures up to 20 hours of endurance that allows for long-time hunting.


The built-in Mic supports synchronized audio input. UNIQUE is built with memory of 32GB which can support storing video and pictures. Built-in WiFi module supports APP connection and media transmission.

5 Color Palettes

UNIQUE provides more than 5 color palettes for true colorized temperature mapping, including “white hot” “black hot” “red hot” “color” and “hot target highlight”. Switching between different color palettes is fast and easy.


·      12μm self-developed detector 

·      High image quality 

·      FHD OLED (1440×1080) 

·      Rechargeable Battery Pack for quick replacement 

·      50Hz high frame rate 

·      Eyepiece supporting 20× zoom 

·      Digital zoom: 1×/2×/3×/4× 

·      Built-in 32G memory space, supporting photographing and video recording 

·      Built-in Wi-Fi module, supporting InfiRay outdoor App 

·      Ultraclear mode 

·      Supporting PIP, defective pixel correction, and other functions 

·      Convenient operation interface 

Model UH35 UH50
Detector Specifications
Uncooled Vox 
Resolution, pixels
640 × 512 
Pixel, μm 12
≤ 25
Frame Rate, Hz 
Optical Specifications 
Objective Lens, mm 
35 50
Field of view, degree 
12.6x19.4 8.8x6.6
Optical Magnification, × 
3~12 4~16
Digital Zoom 1x / 2x/ 3x/ 4x
Exit Pupil Distance, mm 
Exit Pupil Diameter, mm 
Diopter, D -5~+5
Detective range, m (Target size: 1.7m × 0.5m, P(n)=99%) 
1818 2596
Resolution, pixels 1440x1080
Dimension, inch 
Li-ion Battery Pack / 4400mAh / DC 3.7V 
Service Voltage, V 
3 ~ 4.2
External Voltage, V
5 (Type C USB) 
Physical Specifications 
Max. Operation time (t=22°C), h★ 
Memory Capacity, GB 32
Operating Temperature,°C 
-20 ~ +50 
Weight, g 
≤ 540 
≤ 650
Dimension, mm
195x65x60 205x65x60

 The actual operating time depends on the density of Wi-Fi use, 

photographing, video recording, etc. 

  Improvements may be made to the design and software of this product 

to enhance its features. 

  If there is any change to the technical specifications of the product, it

will be made without prior notice to the customer.