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Tom-E Cooled Infrared Multi-function Binoculars

Tom-E Cooled Infrared Multi-function Binoculars is a small intelligent observation device integrating cooled infrared, visible light, and laser. It has built-in location module, digital magnetic compass, continuous zooming infrared lens and visible lens, laser rangefinder, WIFI module. With the functions of self-localization, target location, target labelling, and target identification, it is comfortable and portable to be used for day and night observation and target searching.

Enforcement and Rescue Thermal Imaging Products

Picatinny Rail: provide external mechanical interface

Color Day: High Resolution full color imaging

Laser Rangefinder: Measure precise range of the target

Location Module: BD+GPS module location

Cooled Infrared: Acquire clear thermal images Provide ultra-long sight distance

Optical specifications 
item Infrared Channel 
Visible Light Channel 
Resolution 640×512, 15μm 2430×1944, 2.7μm
Spectral Band
FOV 18.2°×14.6°~2.3°×1.8°  31.3°×25.1°~3.1°×2.5° 
Laser Rangefinder 
Max Measuring Range:50m~10km   
Measuring Accuracy:±2m   
Location Module 
Location Mode:BD+GPS  
Horizontal Location Accuracy (CEP):5m 
Elevation Location Accuracy (PE):10m   
Digital Magnetic Compass 
Azimuth Measurement Range:0°~360°  
Azimuth Measurement Accuracy:1°(RMS)
Pitch Angle Measurement Range:-90°~+90°
Pitch Angle Measurement Accuracy:1°(RMS) 
Inclination Angle Measurement Range:-180°~+180° 
Inclination Angle Measurement Accuracy:1°(RMS)
Complete Device Information 
Display:1280×1024 OLED  
Storage:10000 JPG&4h AVI  
Ocular Lens Diopter:-4~+4  
Weight:≤3.4kg (With battery)  
Operating Time:≥6h  
Operating Temperature:-40°C~+55°C   
Storage Temperature:-55°C~+70°C