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Tom-B Five Optical Channels Multi-function Binoculars

Tom-B Five Optical Channels Multi-function Binoculars is a small intelligent observation device integrating infrared, low-light, visible light and laser. It has built-in location module, digital magnetic compass, and laser range- finder. With image fusion function, it can be used for day and night observa- tion and target search. The images and videos can be taken, and the information can be uploaded in time. It is comfortable and portable to use 

Enforcement and Rescue Thermal Imaging Products

Location Module: BD+GPS dual module location

Low Light Level: Low light imaging for day and night

Thermal: Acuire clear thermal images

Laser Rangefinder: Measure precise range of the target

Color Day: high-resolution full color imaging Provides ultra-long sight distance

Digital Magnetic Compass: Analysis high-precision real-time attitude

Laser Pointer: Covert indication of the non-visible light


·      Thermal Channel 


Spectral Band:8~14μm 


·      Laser Pointer 


Security level:Class IIIA 

·      Color Day Channel 

Resolution:4.6 megapixels 


·      Display

1280×1024 OLED 

·      Low Light Level Channel 



·      Storage

10000 JPG&4h AVI 

·      Ocular Lens Diopter 


·      Laser Rangefinder 

Eye Safe:1535nm
Max Measuring Range:≥6km 

Measuring Accuracy:2m 

·      Weight

≤2.1kg(With Battery) 

·      Location Module 

Location Mode:BD+GPS
Horizontal Location Accuracy (CEP):5m 

Elevation Location Accuracy (PE):10m 

·      Dimension


·      Operating Time 


·      Digital Magnetic Compass 

Azimuth Measurement Range:0°~360° 

Azimuth Measurement Accuracy:1°(RMS)
Pitch Angle Measurement Range:-90°~+90°
Pitch Angle Measurement Accuracy:1°(RMS) 

Inclination Angle Measurement Range:-180°~+180° 


·      Interface

External Power Supply/USB/PAL/RS232 


·      Operating Temperature 


·      Encapsulation